Pulp Mill Automation

A leading Kraft paper manufacturing company having a production capacity of 9,000 tonnes per month desired to boost production capacity, get rid of inconsistencies, and increase their paper quality.


Our Engineering Solutions


Process Re-engineering (System Redesign & Process mapping) Service


Field Instruments such as Consistency transmitters, Level transmitters & Flowmeters


Honeywell DCS for Pulp Mill Automation

Our Solutions Ensured

Boosted their production capacity from 9,000 tonnes - 11,500 tonnes
Reduction in Steam Consumption which led to lower input costs
Reduced Sheet Breaks
Increased run ability of paper machines
Reduced GSM Variation Control from 30 gsm upto 3 gsm
Consistent Quality in Output leading to more sales
Paper Machine speed increased upto 450 mpm

Production Challanges

Frequent Sheet Breaks
Manual Pulp Mill processes which led to higher errors
Inconsistency in Paper GSM & quality
Lower throughput production
Higher Service Costs