Sugar Industry

Welcome to VIZEN SOLUTIONS, a leading provider of cutting-edge automation instruments tailored for the sugar and distillery industries. Our state-of-the-art products empower your plant with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and control.


Why Choose Vizen Solutions?


Tailored Solutions

Our automation instruments are designed to meet the unique demands of the sugar and distillery industries, ensuring a perfect fit for your processes.


Enhanced Efficiency

Boost your productivity and reduce operational costs by optimizing processes and minimizing manual intervention.


Unmatched Accuracy

Achieve consistent quality through precise monitoring and control of critical parameters.


Expert Support

Our team of automation experts is dedicated to providing unmatched support, from installation to ongoing assistance.

Our Products

SCADA Systems

Gain full visibility and control over your processes with our advanced SCADA systems. Monitor, analyze, and optimize every aspect of your production in real time.

PLC Systems

Achieve precision and consistency with our reliable PLC systems that automate sequential processes, ensuring seamless operations and increased flexibility.

Flow Meters

Measure the flow of liquids, gases, and steam accurately to enhance process control, inventory management, and quality assurance.

Temperature and Pressure Sensors

Monitor critical parameters to maintain optimal conditions, resulting in consistent product quality and improved yields.

pH and Conductivity Analyzers

Optimize biochemical reactions with real-time pH and conductivity measurements, enabling you to achieve desired product outcomes.

Level Sensors

Prevent overflows, shortages, and contamination by ensuring accurate level monitoring of liquids and solids in tanks and vessels.

HMI Panels

Empower your operators with intuitive interfaces for real-time visualization, data analysis, and decision-making.